Upcoming Schedule

Please note: Attendance for all events is limited to 35 people.  If you are planning on attending, please use one of the links below to register.

Once you register, please come and enjoy the learning, the fellowship, and the food. But, if you cannot or you change your mind, please let me know a day or two before the event. We want to be responsible about ordering the right amount of food for the event. Thank you.

March's theme is "Refactoring; again" on Saturday 3/8/14, starting at 8:30am running until 4:30pm (registration closedPretty much everyone who practices Test Driven Development knows the Red, Green, Refactor mantra. But if the large number of code bases out there that scare the beejeezus out their maintainers is any indication, the refactor part is where the most attention is needed, so go there we will. 

April's Focus is Application Programming Interfaces (APIs):
Saturday 4/12/14, starting at 8:30am running until 4:30pm (register)
Whether your focus is big or small web apps, middleware, embedded systems, or something in between, there's a good chance you rely on and probably even expose an API.  April will be about designing and building APIs collaboratively.

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