Upcoming Schedule

On February 13th we'll have a Legacy Code Retreat, courtesy of

Please mark your calendar and register here (Please notestarting in 2016 we've switched from Eventbrite to Meetup.com)

Code Craftsman Saturdays alternates each month between a regular Code Retreat format workshop and a deep-dive format. In February we'll go deep into rescuing really bad code by determining 

  1. Where the most help is needed, i.e. where to begin.
  2. How to build confidence that the changes we need to do won't break what's already there.
  3. How to work with/around some arduous limitations. 

We will have breakfast together starting by 8:30 and get to know one another. Around 9 I introduce the challenge and get people started. You and your chosen pair will wrestle with the problem for 45 minutes, and then we'll put laptops down and do a brief retrospective. The retrospectives allow all to share what they learned and to maybe choose something to do differently next time. Then we do it again. 

What's going on here is learning, and practice. One of the best values is learning from one another, and pair programming with people you would otherwise never have the opportunity to work with. You get exposed to different ways of thinking, different habits, and different skills, roughly 6 times in the course of one day.  We do it every month, so we've gotten pretty good at it.

The primary focus of a code retreat is craftsmanship; learning and practicing our skills until they become great habits. 

“I'm not a great programmer; I'm just a good programmer with great habits.” 
Kent Beck - Author of Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change and Test Driven Development: By Example