Upcoming Schedule

On Oct 11th we plan to bring you a deep dive into mobile development. Please mark your calendar now as well as registering here.
Our guest facilitator will be none other than the amazing @crebma, otherwise known as Amber Conville, of @DetroitLabs fame, co-creator of the @Self Conference, major role in countless other nerdy things, and all around awesome person, educator, and coder.
Update: For both October and November workshops, we will remain in our current location. To follow Pillar Technology's progress toward the move to downtown Ann Arbor, watch here. Meanwhile our workshops will continue to be at 1327 Jones Drive.
On November 15th (Note the date is different from the usual 2nd Saturday) we'll have a Global Day of Code Retreat.  Please mark your calendar and register here,
Pillar Technology will be sponsoring the venue and the food, and we'll be part of something larger than just Ann Arbor, or even just Michigan. We're hoping for 200 Code Retreat events on this day, all across the globe.

This will be the fourth year a Global Day of Code Retreat has been hosted by Pillar Technology here in Ann Arbor, and the second year that Code Retreat Saturdays has been a part of it.