Upcoming Schedule

On Oct 11th we plan to bring you a deep dive into mobile development. Registration is now closed.  Unfortunately our guest facilitator Amber Conville will not be joining us this month.

In place of the planned "deep dive" into mobile development, we will be doing what can best be described as a shallow dive, exploring on our own the special requirements that come with designing and building a mobile HTML5/CSS application.  For those who registered at the last moment, my apologies for not posting this change a little earlier.
Update: For both October and November workshops, we will remain in our current location. To follow Pillar Technology's progress toward the move to downtown Ann Arbor, watch here. Meanwhile our workshops will continue to be at 1327 Jones Drive.
On November 15th (Note the date is different from the usual 2nd Saturday) we'll have a Global Day of Code Retreat.  Please mark your calendar and register here,

This one is special: it's GLOBAL, and we'll have some extra help; Nate Foreman will co-facilitating with me. This will be the fourth year Pillar has sponsored a Global Day of Code Retreat in Ann Arbor, and the second time Code Craftsman Satursday has facilitated it. Thank you Pillar Technology.

We'll begin as always with a breakfast cooked right on the premises, and this time, special for our Global Day, breakfast will be prepared by chef Traci Shaw, the Forge by Pillar corporate chef. This gives us a chance to get to know each other and plan the day before we get down to work. Next we do a short orientation on the day, then we'll do the first of probably five or six 45-minute challenges, exploring Conway's Game of Life. After each challenge, we do a short retrospective to share what we learned, take a short break, and introduce the next challenge. Speaking of challenges, expect some new twists here.

If things go especially well, we may be lucky enough to compare notes with another group as they are finishing up another Global Day event in Europe.