Upcoming Schedule

On September 13th we've scheduled a deep dive exploration of Restful APIs and the practices around developing them. If you want to look at some of the tools that will be discussed, check out Swagger, Apiary, and Apigee. Mark your calendar and be sure to register here.

On Oct 11th we plan to bring you a deep dive into mobile development. Please mark your calendar now as well as registering here.
Our guest facilitator will be none other than the amazing @crebma, otherwise known as Amber Conville, of @DetroitLabs fame, co-creator of the @Self Conference, major role in countless other nerdy things, and all around awesome person, educator, and coder.
Please note: For the October workshop, we may be in a new location. Pillar Technology is currently planning on moving into new diggs in October, to the top floor of 301 E. Liberty St in downtown Ann Arbor. Follow the link for updates from Pillar as they occur.
On November 15th we'll have a Global Day of Code Retreat at Pillar's new downtown Forge.  Pillar will be sponsoring the venue and the food, and we'll be part of something larger than just Ann Arbor, or even just Michigan. Close to 200 Code Retreat events will occur on this day all over the world.